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- Interviewing Tips
In the competitive market of today, the ability to excel in an interview is the only way to make the most effective impressionDuring the interview focus all of your energy on making the company want you.  Crawley-Austin understands that you are interviewing the company just as much as they are interviewing you, but do not be too firm, or rigid:  Appearing enthusiastic and interested will help your bargaining power.  An interview provides a limited forum in which you and the company need to sell itself.  You should do the best you can to leave the interview having the company wanting more.       

Crawley-Austin tips for a successful interview.

- Plan Ahead 
An interview is a determination by a prospective employer of your ability to contribute to their success, and fit with their culture.  The biggest mistake in interviewing is not being fully prepared.  The candidate that prepares the most will ultimately interview the best.  Preparation can make the difference between receiving an offer, and being rejected.  Put forth the effort and make a list of your accomplishments, goals, and qualifications.  Be prepared to answer questions (see Most Likely Asked Questions section).

- Dress and Appearance 
It’s the first impression that will open or close the door.  Select conservative business attire long before the interview day.  Make sure your suit is pressed, shoes are shined, and hair is combed.  Fresh breath is important, but do not go into the interview chewing gum.  Remember dress for success.  This is something that, by itself, will not get you a job, but may cost you one.

- When and Where to go
Crawley-Austin strongly recommends traveling to your interview destination ahead of time.  This will allow you to plan a route and become familiar with the traffic patterns.  Plan to arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled appointment, so you have time to fill out an application if they request it and still keep the appointed time.  When traveling please take into consideration the possibility of getting lost, parking difficulties, construction, and bad weather conditions.  If for some reason you will be late for an interview please call your Crawley-Austin recruiter and explain.  He or she will contact the client.  It is better to be 10 minutes late because you stopped to call than to be 5 minutes late without calling.  Never cancel an interview, unless absolutely necessary.  Make every effort to keep your scheduled interview, but if there is no way you can make the interview, notify your Crawley-Austin recruiter with ample time to contact the employer. 

- Answers to Questions
To have a positive interview you must be a good listener. Let the interviewer control the interview by answering all questions directly. You should be enthusiastic, sincere, tactful and courteous. Show the company you want to be part of the team by maintaining eye contact with your interviewer. Never interrupt when an interviewer is trying to talk, and do not answer more than the question asks, for this will portray you as an arrogant person and likely cost you the job. Relate your answers to the interview and his or her company.  Focus on Achievements relevant to the position. Answer all serious questions with a serious tone, and do not joke. Pick up on the interviewer's reaction and body language, and cut your answer short if he or she appears bored or impatient. Do not ramble, because this is a sign of being nervous. Encourage the interviewer to share information about his or her company. 

- Questions to Ask
All questions you ask on the interview should pertain directly to the job you will be expected to perform.  Questions about vacations, salary, and benefits will be answered through Crawley-Austin. Ask about the timeframes for filling the position, how and when you will be notified, and if they would like additional information or materials from you. (See Questions to ask Employer section) 

- Discussing Salary
The big advantage of Crawley-Austin representing you is we are very effective acting on your behalf as a third-party negotiatorDuring the interview some companies may ask what salary you would be expecting.  Your response with money related questions should be, "Money is important, but it's not the only consideration.  I am much more interested in a better career opportunity where I can look forward to long-term, professional growth.”

- Reasons for Exploring
It is very important to avoid negative comments about past or present employers.  Instead of just pointing out problems you've encountered offer possible solutions you explored and were unable to enact despite your best efforts. If you are currently unemployed for any reason other than economic layoff, do not over-explain.  Give an honest explanation, allowing yourself the benefit of any doubt that your background and personality will carry the interview.

- When it is time to leave the Interview
At the conclusion of the interview you should make a good, lasting impression. This could be accomplished by ending the interview with an affirmation of your interest in pursuing the position.  After the interviewer signals the interview is over, shake his or her hand and express gratitude for the opportunity.  Remember, the goal is to receive an offer then we can discuss the opportunity.  By communicating to the company that you are interested is the most effective way to increase your percentage of receiving an offer, and it obligates you to nothing.  You are interviewing the company just as much as they are interviewing you.   

- After the Interview
After the interview call your Crawley-Austin recruiter. Think of Crawley-Austin as an effective tool that can call the company and offer positive reinforcement while they are still formulating their opinion of the interview.  You should prepare, and mail, a note to the appropriate parties thanking them for the opportunity within 24 hours after the interview. Email is acceptable, but follow protocols for formal business correspondence. The letter should consist of three short paragraphs thanking the company for the opportunity, reiterating your interest, and emphasizing your specific qualification for the position.  Always have your Crawley-Austin recruiter review the letter prior to sending (See the Thank You Letter Section).

If you have any questions please call, or email your Crawley-Austin recruiter.