Why Choose Crawley-Austin & Associates

The typical corporate process of recruiting and hiring is "hiring who comes along" via job boards and advertisements. Crawley-Austin & Associates will actually go find, meet and introduce great candidates to our clients.

  • Job boards and similar advertisements—the high-volume, passive recruiting tools companies use—yield only applicants "who come along," not those the company should be pursuing.
  • Soliciting far more applicants than a company can possibly process properly results in unprofessional behavior, angry applicants and damage to corporate reputations. Crawley-Austin keeps every search confidential until our clients decide to move forward with an interview.
  • Great candidates are frequently lost to the competition. By utilizing Crawley-Austin your company will be exposed to the top talent.
  • Hiring is a strategic, competitive function; it requires its own advocate. Crawley-Austin can take full responsibility for recruiting, and as a result strengthen a company's edge.

By investing time to evaluate the critical requirements of a position enables Crawley-Austin to identify and expose the top talent.
Crawley-Austin & Associates is a direct hire recruiting firm. We maintain complete professionalism in all areas, and adhere to a strict set of ethics and best business practices. Our fee structure is competitive, and we operate on a contingency and retained fee basis.